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Rear Thermostat Coolant Re-Route


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    The Rear Thermostat Coolant Re-Route System is designed to promote greater coolant flow thru the rear of the cylinder head. The spacer has bungs for the temperature sensor as well as the heater core return. A third and fourth bung are included for any other sensors you would like to add. Both are 3/8 NPT.

    This spacer runs the coolant from the back of the cylinder head to the upper radiator hose. The front thermostat will be blocked off. It will leave the stock heater core system intact for normal warm procedures.

    The Rear Thermostat Coolant Re-route System includes gaskets, mounting hardware, rubber and aluminum routing lines, hose clamps, rear thermostat housing, front thermostat block off plate, thermostat housing, 180* thermostat, and wires to extend the coolant sensor.

    The second option is to block off the heater core. This option will include a plug for the thermostat spacer that will eliminate all hoses going to the heater core. Only use this option if the heater core has been removed from the car.

    The third option is the heater core bypass to the upper radiator hose. This would include a splice for the new upper radiator hose, thus eliminating coolant running from the heater core to the mixing manifold. If the heater core is bypassed, it will take the car longer to reach operating temperature.

    The coolant re-route is not EGR compatible as is. BTP can alter your EGR tube to make it EGR compatible, but you must send us your EGR tube. It can be used with hot side supercharger system. It may fit around some cold side supercharger systems, however some adjustment in tube placement may be necessary.

    This system is not designed to fit the MazdaSpeed Miata. With some ingenuity, the end user can make it work, however there are alot of parts (a/c, fuel lines, and oil catch can) in the way.

    ** Note: This part can be installed without pulling the motor. However, expect a few bloody knuckles and a few curses. And don't say we did not warn you. :) **

    **2nd Note: The main photo shows a bracket on the long aluminum tube. This tube will not come with a bracket to mount it to the intake manifold. To be a universal fit, the tube needs to be able to be positioning in many ways. Also, if the tube had a bracket on it, and it was mounting incorrectly, it would be the new "high" point in the cooling system and potentially create an air pocket. **

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