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BTP Turbo System


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    The BTP Turbo System features components for the perfect street turbo system. It has great response, great power, and all the reliability features BTP is known for. BTP turbo systems feature power improvements that no one else has. Such as a 18" separated gases downpipe, larger intercooler rated for 250 whp (a/c compatible), and the directed pulses feature in the exhaust manifold. The downpipes for the 1994+ Miatas all have a 2.75" outlet. The 90-93 Miatas have a 2.5" outlet on the downpipe.

    BTP has paid close attention to temperature reductions throughout the system. The Stainless Steel coolant and oil lines to the turbo are more heat tolerant, well beyond the requirements. They are designed to be installed once and forgotten, versus changing the rubber/silcone lines yearly. The larger tube intercooler has sheet metal end tanks with a bar and plate core. It also has rigid mounting points. It cannot rub on a/c lines and wreak havoc like other intercoolers do. The system also features t-bolt hose clamps on the boosted tubes. The t-bolt clamps are a little tougher to install, but over the long run no clamp is better suited for the job. The kit comes with black powder coated tubes and black turbo hose. 

    BTP also ports the turbine housing on the turbo. It is the extra mile we go to help ensure that your system does not experience boost creep. When using the wastegate actuator for boost control, porting the turbine reduces boost creep 99% of the time. If you would like to use an electronic boost solenoid, do not be surprised if you see some boost creep. That is just the nature of some electronic control units. BTP is also the only kit maker to use 10 mm studs to mount the turbo to the manifold. It is a well documented fact that the 8 mm studs will break.

    BTP has also placed a lot of emphasis on the overall look of the system. A clean and balanced design makes the engine bay pleasant to look at. You will not see rubber lines running to and fro with a BTP Turbo System. BTP also ceramic coats the exhaust manifold and turbine housing. It helps to ensure the good looks of the system over time. It also helps to reduce under hood temperatures.

    Have you ever wondered how close attention we paid to detail? Here is the answer - there is only two intercooler tubes that can be used on two different year cars. Every single tube has been designed to fit that year car and that year car only. Some people might call it a little much, we call it easier to install.

    We have the parts needed for all RHD cars too! Please specify that you have a UK sped car on a 1.6L motor so we know to include the correct exhaust manifold and oil supply line. This feature is available for all turbo systems.

    The BTP Turbo System has various power levels it can achieve. The power it can run is totally dependent upon the engine management, turbo size, and exhaust system you choose. The BTP Turbo System can be purchased with or without engine management. Chances are we have you covered though. Running 5-6 psi will produce about 150 whp using a MSPNP or ECU Reflash. Running 8 psi can net power levels of 170 to 190 rwhp when using the MSPNP or ECU Reflash. Running 10 psi can net power levels of 200-230 whp when using MSPNP or ECU Reflash. Running 12 psi can net power levels of 230-260 whp when using MSPNP or ECU Reflash. If you are using this system on a 99-05 Miata and need to stay OBDII legal, we strongly recommend the use of the ECU Reflash or the Xede. The 99-05 Miata must have some form of ignition timing control in order to avoid breaking the motor. 

    System Features:
    • Garrett Turbo with Ball Bearings and Water Cooling
    • Ceramic Coated Turbine Housing
    • Cast Ductile Iron Exhaust Manifold, with Directed Pulses Feature
    • Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifold
    • 10 mm Turbo Mounting Studs
    • Separated Gases Downpipe
    • Wideband O2 Bung on the Downpipe
    • Stainless Steel Braided Oil Supply Line
    • Stainless Steel Coolant Lines
    • Stainless Steel Oil Drain Line
    • Front Mount Intercooler
    • Lower Radiator Hose Tube
    • Cool Air Box
    • Radiator Cover
    • Bypass Valve
    • Power Steering Cooler ('99-'05 only)
    • Turbo Heatshield
    • Black Powder coated Tubes
    • Distribution Bracket for Coolant and Oil lines
    • K & N Air Filter
    • Autometer Boost Gauge
    • A-Pillar Gauge Mount
    • Heater Line Heat Wrap
    • Black Turbo Hose
    • T-Bolt Hose Clamps for Intercooler Tubes
    • Oil Pan Drill Bit and Tap
    • Comprehensive, Photo Illustrated, User Friendly Instructions.

    We dare you to compare! An FM turbo kit with no electronics is the same price with less features than a BTP Turbo System. The BTP system features better components in 16 different ways, all standard items. BTP will always provide the best value for the dollar spent.

    Available Options
    Intercooler: The turbo system comes with IC # 1, which is rated for 250whp. If you autocross or upgrade the turbo, we recommend that you go up on intercooler size. IC # 2 is rated to 295 whp and IC # 3 is rated to 350 whp. All A/C compatible! The replacement tube includes the intercooler tubes, but not the intercooler. Instead, there is a straight tube included and the intercooler can be added later on. Adding a BTP IC later will be a direct plug in.

    Fueling: The MegaSquirt is the most economical and capable option for the 1990-1997 year Miatas. It is a standalone ECU and is capable of handling whatever power you throw at it. The Xede or ECU Reflash is the best option for the 1999-2005 year cars where the car needs to pass OBDII inspection. The Xede also includes a PNP ECU harness and four 550 cc Injectors. It is capable of handling up to 12-13 lbs of boost, with the limiting factor being the stock mass air flow meter. For cars that do not need to pass OBDII inspection, the Megasquirt is the better option as it can do more for the price. 

    Cruise Control: We need to know if you have cruise control on the 1990-1997 Miatas. If so, we need to send you a bracket to relocate it. There is not an extra charge for the bracket.

    Color: All steel tubes for the turbo system come powder coated black. You can elect to powder coat it any color of your choice. We have powder coated tubes a chrome silver color to a midnight blue color. It will definitely add a little pizazz to the overall looks.

    Turbo Size: The Turbo system comes with the turbo of your choice. The GT2554 is perfect for someone looking for supercharger like response. The GT2560 is great for a little bit higher top end power and still retains good turbo spool. The GT2860RS is offered in two different turbine sizes. The GT2860RS with the 0.64 turbine offers faster turbo spooling, while maintaining good top end power level. This is the perfect turbo for the track or autocross Miata. The GT2860RS with the 0.80 turbine is great for top end power levels.

    CARB EO: This system does have a CARB EO for 1990-1999 Miatas, and will ship with the EO Decal if you are located in California. It must be used with OEM catalytic converters and the Garrett turbo. Please call for futher EO information.

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